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May 2010

25 May Garden Designers Roundtable: What is it about that container?

There are two types of container gardeners in this world, those that like the containers, those that like the plants in the containers and those that like the way the containers are arranged…THREE!, there are three types of people in this world; those that like the containers, those that like the plants in the containers, those that like the way the containers are arranged and those that like the style of the arrangement… FOUR! There are four… well you get the idea, there is a lot to talk about when it comes to container gardening, and sorry for the Monty Python humor.

What is it about gardening in pots that we love so much, is the pot the showpiece, or is it the plant. I must admit, that I slide between both camps with relative ease depending on the arrangement. A quick internet search for container gardening reveals a vast array of styles and plants. Take a look!

These bold red planters from Living Etc., add life and a vertical element to the garden.

Bold and simple from

Simple and elegant these white vase shapes from planted with grasses provide a clean look and add movement to the patio garden.

Simple and Elegant

Over at wading pools are the perfect spot to grow veggies, just remember to drill holes in the bottom for drainage!

Functional yet playful Veggie gardens

How about a fun way to promote your cause, like this Auto-pot on


Have small backyard? Find usable space for the veggie garden, as seen here from

Veggie gardening in tight spaces

Like seafood? From ubercool container gardener Kerry Michaels at

Seafood anyone?

And here’s our little corner of the world, and our version of vertical container gardening.

Our little container garden!

So in the end, what is the secret to container gardening? Style? Substance? Effect? Fun? In a word… Yes!  Now don’t forget to visit my fellow bloggers sites, for more inspirational ideas about containers!

This month’s bloggers!

Christina Salwitz : Personal Garden Coach : Renton, WA

Debbie Roberts : A Garden of Possibilities : Stamford, CT

Jenny Petersen: J Petersen Garden Design : Austin TX

Jocelyn Chilvers : The Art Garden : Denver, CO

Laura Livengood Schaub : Interleafings : San Jose, CA

Rebecca Sweet : Gossip In the Garden : Los Altos, CA

Rochelle Greayer : Studio “G” : Boston, MA

Lesley Hegarty & Robert Webber : Hegarty Webber Partnership : Bristol, UK

Scott Hokunson : Blue Heron Landscapes : Granby, CT

Shirley Bovshow : Eden Makers : Los Angeles, CA

Tara Dillard : : Atlanta, GA

Please share some of the containers you like to use in your garden, and until next time, May all your containers be overflowing with wonder!


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15 May Bloom Day for May 2010!

We have a few friends showing their faces this fine May morning, some in the ground and some in containers. I hope you enjoy these beauties as much as we, and when your done here remember to stop by May Dreams Gardens to see many more bloggers fine blooms!

Rhododendron carolinianum


Clematis 'Pink Flamingo'

Dicentra 'King of Hearts'

Dicentra 'Aurora'

Euphorbia 'Bonfire'




Iris sibirica

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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13 May Ultimate Backyard Makeover 2010 – Honoring a Local Hero! Pt. 3

As we continued on with our Backyard Makeover, my cell phone began to ring. Offers were coming in to help with the project, in fact at one point I thought we might have too many people running around the site. Calls came in from John Borovicka’s Carpenter’s Union Local 43, as well as Local 24, with which he had been working the day he died. John’s Union brothers were great, they showed up asked what needed to be done, and got to work. They agreed to finish up the trim work on the sauna addition John had started, install a screen door for the space, and helped out with the Memorial garden, by pouring the slab for the Granite bench. It was quite a site, seeing some of Connecticut’s best bridge builders, pouring a slab that only measured 14 inches by 42 inches. The scale of this project was much smaller than they were used to, but they handled it with the same precision reserved for our state’s major roadways.

Locals 43 and 24 finishing the sauna addtion exterior

Making the forms for our slab

The slab must be level

A job well done!

While the Union guys were seeing to their tasks, our crews lead by Readco Landscaping, were busy working on the sitting wall and patio under the watchful eye of our Director and camera crew. Construction had to be halted from time to time, but Readco did a great job staying on schedule.

Our Director would not miss a shot

At times it feels like fish in a fishbowl

Sometime during the afternoon hours on Wednesday, a woman walked down into the backyard carrying two large plastic containers. We were use to friends stopping by at this point, but could not imagine what she was bringing by. Maureen, and her family, are good friends with the Borovicka’s, and she began to tell us of the many times John had been to their house to help with repairs and projects. Tears filled her eyes as she told us of John’s generosity, and that she had brought us cookies and peanut butter bars to say thanks for all that we were doing. Her story warmed our hearts, and the treats were delicious. Unknowingly though, she had broken one of the rules of dealing with contractors and stray dogs; If you feed them they might never leave!

As the stories and visits continued a renewed sense of what we were really there for kept us focused on finishing on time, and the wrap party planned for the end of the week.

Check back in to see what else lay in store for the Borovicka backyard!


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