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June 2010

18 Jun Great Native Plants! – Elderberry

“Your mother was a hamster… and your father smelt of Elderberries!”

Forever entrenched in the vernacular of pop culture, are the familiar quotes from a Monty Python movie. Regular readers of the Blue Heron Blog will have picked up on my  love of “Python” humor, and every year just about this time I find myself repeating the above quote over and over again. The reason, American Elder (Sambucus canadensis) or  Edlerberry, is in bloom.

A native to Eastern North America, Elderberry is found along roadsides, riverbanks, forest edges and fields. Most often it goes unnoticed, until about this time every year, when creamy white blossoms cover the plant.

The blossom is followed later in the season by very tasty  deep blue or purple berry, used to make jams, syrups, pies, and of course Elderberry Wine. So next time your passing a field and you see this plant…

think about the sweet purple treat that will soon be covering it, and if you can beat the birds and pick some, try making Elderberry Wine. But steer clear of any hamsters!

For more about this Great Native Plant,visit the USDA Plant Guide

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