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Ultimate Backyard Makeover – 2012 already?

15 Nov Ultimate Backyard Makeover – 2012 already?

We’ve begun the process early for the 4th season of the Ultimate Backyard Makeover on FoxCT! Spring is such a busy time for the green industry, so we’ve moved the selection process up a several months, and now we need your help to decide the winner. The submissions have been narrowed down to three finalists, and you get to choose by visiting the Ultimate Backyard Makeover website, reading the entries and casting your vote. Spread the word, and help one of our deserving finalists realize their dream of a beautiful backyard!

Follow the links below for information on the past three years!

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  • ManureTea Since 1924 (@GreenSoil)
    Posted at 09:02h, 15 November Reply

    I’m looking forward to your shares <|;-)

  • Cindy Juliano
    Posted at 11:22h, 15 November Reply

    Just checked all the homes and made my vote! Great job, Scott. What a wonderful idea and you certainly have three very deserving homeowners.

  • Lucille Kiltau
    Posted at 02:45h, 22 February Reply

    We so need a backyard makeover! Just wondering if there are any contests available that we could enter for an opportunity to win a backyard makeover, our yard is in need of a makeover so badly, our backyard is shameful, I would so love to entertain in the summer, but our backyard is hot and ugly…. Help!
    thank you for letting me vent!

    • kellie bush
      Posted at 01:20h, 16 April Reply

      We are also in desperate need of a yard landscaping makeover. My husband and I are no strangers to yard make overs. We are well aware of the the back breaking, time and hard work that it takes to give a home an outdoor family retreat.In the past 12 years several times we invested our money, time, and back breaking labor to try make the outdoor rental properties that we lived in more plesant. Now,finally at age 53 and 59 we own our very own home. When we purchased our home from a bank forecloseure it was not entirely completed. After 6 months of finishing the neccesseties the yard is an eye sore and we don’t know where to begin. We are out of umphhh and also cash flow (we ran into some unexpected costs with finishing: a new roof, new windows, etc). Also, my husband had a unexpected work layoff in December, he is now back to work , count our blessings. Other than that, we are just finding we that we are just too darn old to be lifting rock, a decade makes a big difference. oh yeah, and there is one more thing that is a huge challenge…. our yard is on a hill, and not only that everyone sees it because it overlooks the town golf coarse. I bet this is the longest blog you ever got.

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